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Granite is a strikingly beautiful natural stone that has been used for many centuries; it is formed by volcanic activity which means that it has incredible strength.

Granite London

We were asked to deep clean and polish these black granite tiles in The Gherkin, London. When we arrived it was visible that the granite tiles has become dull over time. The overall appearance of this modern office was paramount and so they wanted the floor to be polished to a mirror-like shine.

This picture shows the difference between how the tiles were when we arrived (the front of the image) and the standard of finish that we achieved on completion (at the back of the image). It would be difficult to describe and the image speaks volumes.

We often get asked questions about Granite and have, over time, identified the following interesting facts about this exquisite natural stone.

-          The composition of granite is made up of many minerals and it is these minerals that determine the colour variation of the stone.

-          Granite offers great strength but is not unbreakable. Granite floor tiles can be cracked or chipped if a heavy object is dropped onto them.

-          Granite floors need to be re-sealed regularly to ensure that they are equipped to offer resistance against inevitable liquids and oils from a working environment.

-          Granite has played a pivotal role in the world’s history; earliest civilisations utilized this material and its sustained demand pays testament to its popularity and versatility.

This image shows the end result and the mirror shine that we achieved. We have completed a wide range of Granite polishing projects throughout London and offer a competitive edge and value for money.

Cleaning Granite London

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