Restoring Fireplaces London | Fireplace Cleaning Hertfordshire

Restoring fireplaces is an exceptionally rewarding process. Tired, worn and less than inviting stone fireplaces can be skilfully restored to like new.

Anyfloor provide a full restoration service, grinding, repair, polishing and sealing

Part of why Anyfloor enjoys this work so much is that it is reinstating the fireplace so that its heritage is preserved. We have had the pleasure of restoring many old fireplaces.

These bring a real statement to any room, whether complimented by a modern or traditional décor. One that is restored will create a unique statement for all of the right reasons.

As you can see in these images we are fastidious about our approach to stone restoration. All surrounding areas of your home or business are fully protected. This is so that the work carried out does not affect any of your surrounding personal possessions.

We use the best available products and combine this with tried and tested techniques. This is a modern application of traditional methods. Restoration is quite a labour intensive process, however, the results really do speak for themselves. The transformations are incredible.

The stone fireplace will be left fully protected and sealed so that its restored look can last much longer. There are different type of stone used in fireplaces so it is important that every process is tailored in order to compliment the stone that you are working with.

The above image shows the incredible alternatives available with regards to the cleaning and restoration process. It is only knowledge of the trade and experience that allows us the confidence to work in such a way.

Have you got a once-beautiful fireplace that looks as though it has seen better days? Do you remember what it once looked like before the layers of dirt and build-up? Breathe new life into it and call Anyfloor today to arrange a free quotation.