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Introduction: Why is Upholstery Important?

Upholstery is a fabric used to cover furniture, car seats, or other items to make them more comfortable. The upholstery can be made out of different materials- cotton, linen, or silk.

This fabric is important because it provides comfort during sitting and also adds style to the furniture. It has many uses and can be found in many different types of homes.

How to clean upholstery

Tips for Cleaning Upholstery at Home

There are lots of ways to clean upholstery at home, but these tips will give you an idea of what methods are best for various types of upholstery.

- For upholstery with a stain or spill, blot the area with a wet wipe or towel to soak up as much liquid as possible.

- If the stains remain, mix one tablespoon of dish soap in two cups of warm water and pour over the stained area. Let it sit for five minutes before blotting it with a towel. Repeat if necessary.

- For fabric that has been soiled by animal hair, brush the hair away from the fabric before cleaning it with dish soap and water or by vacuuming it off. You can also use dryer sheets to keep pet hair from sticking to your upholstery.

Brush upholstery before cleaning it

How to Maintain Upholstery

Maintaining upholstery is an important aspect of owning furniture. It ranges from vacuuming the cushions to cleaning up spills on the fabric.

It is important to know how dirty your upholstery may be before you start. A good way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner. You can use this to clean off all the dirt that has accumulated on your furniture over time.

Pets are notorious for shedding hair which can get trapped in your couch or loveseat, so it's important to vacuum more frequently if you have animals in your home or live in a pet-friendly neighbourhood.

Some people find that there are too many stains and spills on their furniture, and they want to clean them right away before they dry out and become permanent marks.

Upholstery cleaning


There are many ways to clean upholstery, but the most important thing is to find the right method for your needs.

You can always ask around to find out what other people use for their upholstery with success.

If you live with someone else, see what they use so you can replicate it or copy it with different products.

It’s important that you take care of your upholstery because it’s an investment and good upkeep will last a long time.

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How to clean upsholstery to keep it like new