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Limestone Floors

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which means that it is made up of layers of calcium carbonate and other materials. Limestone is softer than many rocks make it an easy material to work with.

Limestone floors are durable and they can be used in any room. They do not scratch as easily as tile or wood floors and they will not absorb water like carpeting, making them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Limestone floors also stay cooler than other flooring options in warmer climates because the surface has a higher thermal conductivity than other materials.

Limestone cleaning and sealing

The floor`s condition may impose a certain cleaning process. For instance, it is a difference between cleaning a limestone floor that has not been deep cleaned for years and a good maintained one. Anyway, the advantage is that, with proper deep cleaning products and professional stone floor restoration, limestone floors will last for years.

Natural stones are more likely to be affected by acid. For this purpose, after your limestone has been properly cleaned, it is suggested you seal them. Sealing your limestone will prevent further reactions that might occur and affect the quality of your stone floor. For example, lime stone floors placed in the kitchen are usually damaged by acid liquids such as vinegar. Therefore, because this type of stone it`s a porous one, the limestone sealing process is a vital one.

Grinding Process

Grinding is a process of utilizing hard abrasive particles in order to shape others materials. For limestone, this process can be done either wet or dry.

While doing this process, you should pay attention to sensitive edges, so that you do not damage them. Thus, there must be used professional tools, especially when the surface is uneven.

This process usually done with diamond grinders, because diamond is known as the hardest material on earth.


In order to have a limestone floor that will last a long time and look as new, it is important that, at least once a year, you hire a professional team for natural stone floor restoration services.

The processes of grinding, cleaning and sealing must be indispensable if you already have a limestone floor or choose to cover your floor with natural stone.