Stone Floor Cleaning in London

Anyfloor’s stone and marble cleaning/restoration professionals – London – are highly-qualified technicians in delivering a comprehensive and in-depth cleaning of tiles and stones. An excellent restoration service is also available for all types of natural and man-made stones. We improve the appearance of many materials such as marble, tiles, grout, slate, limestone and many more. Our marble cleaning professionals are also vastly experienced in marble polishing. Our results are second to none!

Available stone cleaning and restoration services



Diamond grinding


Any stone floor needs a well-planned maintenance schedule in place to preserve it in order to delay stone restoration procedures for as long as possible. What’s the best way to do that?

  • With a daily maintenance dry dust mopping, using a clean rayon mop.
  • Regular damp mopping is also recommended. This must be carried out using a good quality stone soap alternated with only fresh water.
  • Making sure soap residue will not build up on the surface of the stone by wiping spills off promptly to prevent staining or etching.
  • Acid based chemicals used for household cleaning can damage the surface of marble and other calcite stones on contact. Similar damage can be avoided from acid based foods and beverages if are not left to dwell.

"We are back in the house and our marble floor looks like new! Many thanks for your help!"

Mr S. Sheth, Harrow on the Hill