Introduction to Victorian Tile Restoration

Victorian Tiles are quintessentially British and were originally laid in Victorian or Edwardian houses. This type of tile is steeped in history and compliment a traditional décor or bring a different dimension to a modern property.

Victorian floor restoration is a skill that requires expertise and attention to detail. Our experts pride themselves on being able to bring even the most damaged Victorian floor back to life.

The first step in restoring a Victorian floor is to assess the extent of damage caused, before any work can begin. If the floor has become warped, cracked or broken, this will require different treatments to restore than if the damage is minor, such as staining or scuffing.

In most cases, the floor will need to be stripped down and sanded back to its original state. This ensures that any sealant or varnish is completely removed, and the floor is as smooth as possible. During this process, any damage can be identified and treated before it gets worse or further damages the floor.

Once the floor has been sanded, a new finish can be applied. This is usually several coats of clear sealant or varnish, to restore the floor's lustre and protect it from future damage. Depending on the desired look, our experts can also apply wax or staining to bring a truly detailed restoration to life.

Finally, the floor can then be buffed and polished to a brilliant shine. This ensures a high level of protection and durability, leaving the floor looking good for years to come.

Our experts understand the special care that needs to be taken with Victorian floor restoration, so your floor should be restored as close as possible to its original.

Either way they are elegant, sophisticated and a definite statement. Victorian floor tiles are well-suited to entrance halls, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of a home. They are also used in luxury hotels, retail outlets, historic buildings and refined business environments.

The restoration results that we can achieve for these world-renowned tiles are incredible. It may be that the finish on the tiles have started to deteriorate, detracting from the appearance of the tiles.

We offer a full cleaning and restoration service to brilliant Victorian floors. Damage to these stone tiles are often from abrasive materials being carried on the soles of shoes. Grit, sand and dirt cause scuffs, scratches and wear down tiles.

It is also likely that dirt is pushed into grout lines during routine cleaning, meaning that the tiled floor starts to look dirty in appearance.

  • Our TOP TIP for keeping your Victorian flooring clean is to put a doormat at the entrance way, trapping some of these particles

It is likely that if you are fortunate enough to have a Victorian floor that you will feel very passionate about it. Period features add value to any property and we will complete a skilful restoration that accurately appreciates their history.

Your tiles will be left fully deep cleaned, restored and appropriately sealed in order to repel liquid and offer resistance against wear and tear. As part of our superior service we offer a customer care programme to ensure your tiled floor remains looking at its best. This includes information about the best cleaning formulations available and how best to maintain your tiles.

Please call 0800 232 1138 for more information. We are passionate about offering the best-available service to our clients and have built up a well-respected reputation with a large percentage of our work coming from repeat custom and recommendation.

Cleaning Tile Flooring Brentford
Cleaning Tile Flooring Brentford
Cleaning Tile Flooring Brentford

Specification For The Restoration & Sealing of Natural Stonee

1. Room Preparation

Due to Health & safety and insurance restriction, we respectfully ask you to move all furniture and breakable items. Our craftsmen will then carefully protect skirting Boards and wall coverings, using low tack tape, waterproof plastic or waxed paper.

2. Dry Mop

Dry mopping all of areas to be treated.

3. Vacuum floor

Power vacuuming using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners ensuring the removal of loose dirt, sand and dust. Making sure all the edges is dust free using edge nozzles.

4. Deep Cleaning / Stripper

Application of our unique Wax & Residue Remover stripping solution which will break down And remove seal/polish build-ups. Then using various grades of brushes / pads and agitation machinery We clean deep down in to the surface. Followed by, pressurized water extraction using enclosed spinning heads, providing unrivalled cleaning results.

5. Stone Neutralization

Application of our Natural Stone Rinse, rinse this will neutralise the floor ready for further.

6. Drying

We install turbo dryers to speed dry the floors.

7. Sealing

Application of unique stone sealing treatments –Natural Stone Sealer, Natural Stone Sealer contain a blend of Acrylic polymers and Co-polymer Resins (resin technology). The stone seals binds to the stone, applies a protective, hard wearing and extremely durable natural finish. This Process enhances the stone, allow to breath naturally, and assist in keeping the surface free from daily dirt and grease build up.

8. Benefits

As every stone surface is different and hard floor / walls can be high maintenance, Having the stone impregnated from day one will protect your investment. Anyfloor will continue to assist you with your floor maintenance ,we will advise yourself of the correct product to use.